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What GreenLightCheck Provides

  • Policies & Procedures

    Ensure your policies and procedures are available and acknowledged by your organization

  • Background Screening

    High Quality Background Checks (past 7 years) and automated employment applications

  • Training & Resources

    Complimentary access to business professionals like Accountants, Lawyers, and HR experts to answer your pressing questions.

  • Waivers & Verification

    Waivers are your first line of defense - make sure yours will stand up in court with a State specific audit! We help you manage your staff qualifications and certifications too!

  • Abuse & Molestation

    In response to Federal Law, provide training and confidential reporting in a single platform

  • Emergency Action Plans

    Does everyone know what to do in case of an emergency? Create and share EAP's simply

Step-by-Step Compliance

Ditch the spreadsheets with our easy to use compliance tools

Seriously, who has time to keep track of the many required forms for all the members and staff? Are you sure you're even doing everything you need to do? Don't worry, We walk you through the process and provide you a single point for all things risk so you can focus on your core mission while we handle the rest!

I'm supposed to do what?

You have a duty to maintain records and provide a minimum standard of care

You may not be mandated by your insurance company to comply with specific safety efforts, but the leaders of the nations most prominent professional organizations have defined minimum standards of care including staff and member pre-qualification screening among other practices. This is what jury's rely on when deciding liability. Are you compliant? DO HAVE YOU THE TOOLS YOU NEED?

Crush your risk

We spot you with your most challenging business concerns

Be a top-notch operation that insurance companies will clamor to work with. Gain control, reduce your cost and risk while you stand out from the competition!

Avoid Denied Claims!

You paid for your insurance, be sure it will respond when you need it!

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How GreenLightCheck Helps

Protecting Owners, Trainers and Members

John J.

Hot Water

John J.

Last summer our facility started to really heat up. The landlord didn't provide A/C so I added a new unit to regulate temperature. A few weeks later, I was standing in the parking lot staring at a pile of burned rubble that once was our gym. The landlord came to me for damages to the building. Fortunately, I had insurance so I called my agent and filed an insurance claim. After careful investigation, the insurance company denied the claim. My insurance agent felt for me as he shared the bad news but stated there was nothing else he could do. He said that it was because the fire originated from the new A/C unit that was not on the policy. Luckily, I have GreenLightCheck and was able to document the addition of this equipment, as well as the multiple inspections we performed before the fire. All of this documentation resulted in a paid claim instead of leaving me out in the cold.
Julie M.

Hands On Training

Julie M.

I am a fanatic for fitness. The time I spend in the gym is my therapy. For a time, though, it was a nightmare. There was a client who was super excited about his new fitness journey. I really enjoyed working with him to achieve his goals. He eventually asked me to spend time with him socially. I politely explained I couldn't because of our professional relationship. I filed a confidential incident report on GreenLightCheck just to be sure I was protected. The owner of our box quickly investigated the situation and discussed it with the member. The owner reminded the member that he had agreed to a certain code of conduct as part of his GreenLightCheck, as well. Sadly, a few days later I was notified that there is a complaint against me for sexual misconduct. I couldn't believe it! I would never act inappropriately with a client - ever! Fortunately, the gym had Employment Practices Liability and Abuse & Molestation policies that protected me in the legal proceedings. I am so thankful for my GreenLightCheck! Without the documentation and evidence provided by my compliance, it wouldn't have been such smooth sailing.

Cheap Insurance Is Never Cheap

Your policy is an expensive stack of papers if you aren't doing your part

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